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Sun hong2 lei2 sunglasses really handsome

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
On June 2, Beijing appeared this year the hot weather, sun hong2 lei2 also calls in the summer, with POLO shirts and shorts dress up to go out, with a pair of white sneakers and black, very sunny and relaxed, the aura is enough. After arriving at the airport, a beautiful stewardess recognized sun hong2 lei2, emphasising that sun hong2 lei2 is unambiguous, hot chat with people, not only is flapping flight attendant on the shoulder, stewardess blushing a bit embarrassed, but still easy for sun hong2 lei2 the way to the gate. 'Sun hong2 lei2 sunglasses' along the way, sun hong2 lei2 and flight attendant to chat, not dancing, chat to rise, but also look at each other, to laugh, seems to be some feeling of brief encounter. Chat may be too speculative, their behavior has become more intimate, stewardess generous time in the sun hong2 lei2, not when it comes to Gao Xingchu, flapping sun hong2 lei2 back and waist, hip, this can let the sun hong2 lei2 some unexpected, suddenly some blush with shame, to lower the head to nose to conceal, more like a shy big boy.
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