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Sun li dai Han Guochao brand Glasses COVE sunglasses also have to daily life

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
A 'hallyu star exclusive sunglasses,' said the Han Guochao brand sunglasses GlassesCOVE from the love of China and South Korea star, contain China's higher-ups star 15, deng chao, sun li and so on. Sun li also recently on weibo drying out of the dark glasses, wearing sunglasses also attended the public welfare activities. Public welfare activities on the same day, sun li in a concise and pure and fresh and dress collocation GlassesCOVE blue sunglasses, even if it is so simple everyday life is dressed up, is very rocks a, walking in the street become the focus of fashion. Sun li for her performance in the large court battle drama 'biography of Zhen Huan Zhen Huan in a corner and, popularity soared, become more star in a line, and for the 41st international emmy award for best actress. Last year sun li starred in 'the biography of Mi month Mi month in a corner once again become a subject, and a corner Mi month won Shanghai 22nd shows magnolia prize award for best actress, because sun li easy-going personality and excellent works of literature and art, and is loved by more and more people thus have the powerful fans. Think that South Korea sunglasses brand Glasses COVE can also get sun li's favorite. Han Guochao brand sunglasses GlassesCOVE is known as 'the world's most lightsome sunglasses', because the light and comfortable, in South Korea, is loved by many hallyu star lee jong-suk, IU, temin, Kim jong kook, hedong decorated Korean stars such as worn GlassesCOVE sunglasses. GlassesCOVE not only popular in Korea, in China is becoming more and more popular with stars, many stars spontaneously in daily life or programs when shooting with the brand sunglasses, not only is the grandson couple, deng chao, 15, Xu Zheng, zhang feng, mark star also like to wear Glasses sunglasses COVE. The sunglasses also has 'run brothers'.
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