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Sunglass clip is what?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Have a kind of special commodity, is called 'sunglass clip', this is a specially prepared by using the frame of the glasses sunglasses, just need to this clip clip on the original frame glasses, then moment can make myopia glasses become the sunglasses, so that people's eyes can get a better protection. Recommended reading: summer drive somewhere, sunglass is essential that we how to choose sunglass clip first, sunglasses clip to see if there is polarization effect. The polarization effect can help us good distinguish objects of reflected light and strong light, whether it be fishing, skiing or drive people can apply. In general, sunglasses clip will have this capability, just regular brand will have a polarized test card, and take the fish and water designs appear in front of consumers, so you can will have a try to wear sunglasses clamping piece and if we can see fish, that means its polarization effect is good. Second, if there is a function of uv. Consumer is buying sunglasses for a little while, must want to confirm that this product has the function of uv; If only the filter function, does not have uv resistant, is not absolutely block ultraviolet irradiation, the harm of eyes can't be avoided. Third, check the sunglasses the structure of the jaw. If not normal brand, generally USES the iron device, which can make the lens is very easy to scratch, may even cause harm to the eyes. On the contrary, if we choose a big brand, the quality of security, when the lens in the contact stress with it, will avoid the phenomenon of separated by silica gel.
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