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Sunglasses $1200! Nike makes the lightest sports equipment

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
The Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games, the mo. He in the men's 10000 m final in less than 0. 5 seconds. If 1 second, he will only silver medal; If 2 seconds slow, he will be out with MEDALS. Britain's mo. He win over for the mo. Farah, slowed his pace, he will not allow any factors that is he has been wearing Nike TailWind and VaporWing sports sunglasses since the beginning of - — Nike sports sunglasses incorporates the latest lens manufacturing technology and almost perfect aerodynamic shape, to help athletes achieve ideal streamlined shape and lightweight design. Farah with Nike TailWind sunglasses behind you will see that the gap between it and new glasses Nike always walk in the forefront of the sports equipment - — In Rio during the Olympics, a $1200 sports sunglasses was born. Yes, $1200 7959 yuan RMB, you read that right. This sports sunglasses Wing, which adopted the new integral design, there is no screw, hinge, frame, together with the lens as a whole. When Nike Wing sports sunglasses in research and development, as a result of the monolithic glass + frame glasses no one has ever made, and used to make goggles nylon material also can't design requirements, therefore Nike need a whole new way of material and glasses manufacturing. Find an eye care giant Nike VSP Global, the legendary Google glasses is built by them, provided by the laboratory design and innovation; In addition to cooperate and optical lens expert German Zeiss company. 3 d printing technology to help speed up the process of making the glasses prototype from the past 5 years time of the may to the actual 20 months, VSP Global innovation laboratory flawless burnish of glasses every mm, including a adjustable silicone bridge of the nose and brain after the bandage, wearing comfortable, in order to achieve safety, prevent slippery effect. In eyebrow area and ventilation of picture frame at the same time, let the air circulation, thereby reducing the lens of fog. Bridge of the nose frame bandages, incredibly, Nike Wing glasses for only 4 grams weight, light as nothing, than any glasses in the world now is light, and someone's face, head contact area is smaller. This glasses is another point pretend bility of lens surface, using the Speed of Nike Tint of coating, to reduce glare at the same time allow light into red wavelengths. The last glasses overall decorated with silver mirror coating, athletes will be worn by the symbol under the unprecedented power of science and technology competition, a faster speed. 1200 dollars for a Nike's top sports equipment 1200 beauty very well? If you are running wild, always can't find the comfortable wearing glasses, plagued by running in the sun glare, and the key - — Hope to enjoy the Nike sports equipment running at the top of the science and technology, so it had a big hurry! Current state in Nike America's official website for sale, forthcoming. This article from the zhongguancun online website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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