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Sunglasses, a summer face perfect collocation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Choose a fashionable and beautiful sunglasses, eye protection and personality. Need to choose according to individual face when buying sunglasses for their own style. The following recommendations hoping to help you.
round face:

round for frame is a bit thick, lens color slants cold, dark glasses, & # 8220; Tighten the & # 8221; The visual effect of the face. Bright yellow, red lens or frame line is fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big.
a little face

of little face is suitable for thin frame or frameless glasses, choose quietly elegant of lens color such as blue, purple, light coffee color, will have unexpected effect. Long face

face up and down the longer people should choose wide round or curved surface, slightly thick mirror to abate long slender legs. A slender face are bony, choose some feminine pink or red wine glasses, can increase the brightness of the face.

square face

square face up and down the appropriate chooses narrow little round corners in the framework of sunglasses, too big and the side frame will only make the face appear more square, lens is better to sedate brown color
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