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'Sunglasses actor Nicholas tse' fast men live pushed took off her dark glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Late July 12, 2013 'happy male voice' the top 20 to break the second game, popular players left standing, brilliance, and another six passage, jerry yan, wei, a rather to be determined. However, it seems that the interaction between the four judges more exciting. To a good song, xiaobo Chen, even once and Nicholas tse 'scrap', let the other side took off her dark glasses to show respect for the players. In order to attract the attention of Nicholas tse, even with headphones directly threw him, still choking track: 'what to wear sunglasses, pick! 'By forcing nasty whether feng also not to be outdone, when competitors to explain what is meant by' integration ', he is very heavy taste with khun elder brother played an example: 'if Chen kun acting here, here is the toilet, it will be a shit. 'Tao zi drove sandwiched between two people had to temporary guest arbitration and in a few seconds to enter the countdown moment nasty ring the bell stop. At the same time, wang's a tweet 'doesn't have the heart to remind you pay attention to the left eye' by netizens interpreted as 'faye wong is in remind Chen kun, Nicholas tse for the shooting left eye had injuries, can not stand strong light, only wear sunglasses' hot. Regardless of the true, Nicholas tse is complete 'sunglasses best actor'!
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