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Sunglasses and face camber collocation rule

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Sunglasses is necessary summer magic weapon, not only can prevent bask in, can also modify the face, pretend bility to ascend. And took off his dark glasses, a type of eyebrows can make you more aura has soared. 1, goose egg face + oval sunglasses + thick flat type eyebrow goose egg face belongs to compare standard face, can choose popular fashionable sunglasses styles, any design can handle. If you want to choose a suitable can highlight advantages, that is the oval frame, oval elliptical lines will be made more prominent. In addition, the goose egg type face girl is especially suitable for the full and soft camber, want to have some sense of curve, the eyebrow peak to rounded. The camber and oval sunglasses match and more harmonious, more beautiful. But eyebrows eyebrow end should be in a horizontal line, two-thirds of eyebrow peak in the eyebrows. The camber can make face more stereo feeling, and highlight its feminine. Oval type is suitable for many different eyebrow, ok and bold try different styles! 2 + circular, square face frame + short camber square face give a person the sense of hale and hearty, should avoid wearing a box shaped sunglasses. To wear four corners into downy curve round sunglasses, frame to coarse, can behave hao lang line. Circular frame collocation short eyebrow also appears very have temperament, but camber rose slightly, not too short, don't too narrow spacing, eyebrow eyebrow peak at 1/2 brows, eyebrow peak fruity, eyebrows slightly rough. 3, round face, cat's eye sunglasses and long Yang curved eyebrow many girls will think circular face flesh, chin will be a short face not long enough, this is very troubling. Actually face shape can be modified, you can choose a sunglasses, cat's eye shape line up, face change high feeling. In addition to the cat's eye shape, also can choose mirror feet higher, so look will feel face longer. Camber is the same, round face for long Yang bend to pick eyebrow shape, make corresponding elongated face. If in the eyebrow eyebrow peak, will make the eyebrow is too round, so the position of the eyebrow peak can be on the lateral 1/3, draw eyebrow rose have feeling. Eyebrow distance can nearly some. + light color sunglasses + 4, triangular face long triangle eyebrow face with square face some close, cheeks bones are more apparent, less wide forehead. This kind of face shape face look shorter, can choose from top to bottom layer gradually color sunglasses. Don't recommend choose color too deep, too deep color will be the face of the upper and the lower layer was very obvious, so good the box above is a color, the following let it fade away, can spin face. Triangular face is not suitable for painting has a different Angle of eyebrow, eyebrow shoulds not be too thick, eyebrow spacing not too narrow. Eyebrow peak in eyebrows about two-thirds, eyebrows slightly rough. 5, nabla + soft color sunglasses + arched eyebrow type face this is a typical star face, because the pointed chin, but the face should pay attention to the line of sunglasses can't be too hard, too much line Angle will make lines on her face is harder, more distance. When choosing sunglasses suggested some design and color to weaken the sense of distance, the shape of the box can be selected under the wide narrow, use a soft lines to polish the face of sharp fall. Such collocation draw an arched eyebrow is very perfect, so that we can make the forehead appear narrow, so as to shorten the length of face. Eyebrow must have some curve, can be slightly thinner, not too thick, the eyebrow spacing shoulds not be too wide. At 1/2 eyebrow peak, some thin, eyebrow peak to rounded. 6, diamond face his eyebrows gradient frame + + lenient on this face zygomatic above the narrow, temple is a little concave, feel cheek meat meat, high cheekbones. When choosing sunglasses, in addition to marquee is wide, can decorate cave temple, mirror feet are a little wide, just in the temple is sunken place, it will look more like oval faces. Recommended gradient sunglasses, there are from the middle to enlarge the effect of outside. With good sunglasses then draw a rose a little eyebrow face seems to be very standard, the position of the eyebrow peak should be outside the eyebrows about two-thirds, commend camber Angle, so that we can stretch the upper part of the face, also should have a certain length of eyebrow end. Square frame + + 7, long face edges and a word eyebrow choose angular approximate square frame, frame height is higher, or is geometry frame to match, to coordinate and a long face, long face need dark sunglasses to 'reduce' the eyebrow. Because rose eyebrow can appear face longer, so thick, every word can make the eyebrow eyebrows in the eyes of carry more weight, more harmonious.
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