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Sunglasses and face the match

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Sunglasses and face how to match:

round face: smectic frame dark lenses
round face need not wear round or corner of the sun glasses. Therefore, should choose to face slightly wider than they are and frame up disk shaped frame, make the face look angular. Especially to avoid round, light or childish frames. On the color selection, round face for frame is a bit thick, lens color slants cold, color dark glasses, & # 8220; Tighten the & # 8221; The visual effect of the face. Bright yellow, red lens or frame line is fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big.
heart-shaped face: the polygonal frame light color lenses
is too big or too thick line of sunglasses can make facial outline appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line, so should avoid wearing up the cock picture frame on both sides, because it will emphasize the pointed chin. Heart-shaped face appropriate to wear light and polygon sunglasses, frame width is not more than the temples, and face contour match line to each other. Lens should choose shallow color, in order to abate the face at the top of the weight.
the oval face: broad picture frame suitable to wear pink glasses
the oval face frame wide sunglasses, make facial looks, reducing the length of the face of broad sense. Edge metal frame or frameless sunglasses, all should not be worn. Color choose pink or red wine glasses, can increase the brightness of the face. Sample recommendation: colour forward frames, lenses with metal powder, with some fashion and lovely cool enough in the face of the win to lead this decoration.
square face: round frames brown lens
square face give a person the sense with hale and hearty, should avoid wearing a box shaped sunglasses. Square face round sunglasses to wear four corners into downy curve, rim to coarse, can behave hao lang lines, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, when combined with a square face, can appear very small and disproportionate. The lens is better to sedate brown color.
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