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Sunglasses and maintenance, did you notice?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Sunglasses are the home in the summer. Summer go out everyone basically covers half zhang face wears a pair of sunglasses, shading and enhance the level of appearance. But many people buy sunglasses mostly because of fashion and clothing collocation, few people will pay attention to the maintenance of sunglasses. If want to know, sunglasses are often throw the place, over time, its function will fall not only don't resist ultraviolet ray function, health problems may also lead to your eyes. Recommended reading: you and summer, short of the condition of the distance of a pair of polarized sunglasses sunglasses do to better protect our eyes? 1, pollution damage should pay attention to the glaring sun glasses make you active in the sunshine, good free. Actually the sun glasses to block the sun, can resist the pollution damage, so be careful care, can let the sun glasses to maximize utility. 2, pay attention to the maintenance of the sun glasses off method like glasses, maintenance cleaning, closed stack, deposit should be a habit. Et sunglasses often only to take off the take off, but they will scratch, the sun glasses have stain on adhesion, don't use nail to pick, it would be easy to scratch the surface. 3 deposit should pay attention to the sun glasses, sun glasses do not wear, many will conveniently on the head, collar or a pocket, while the body don't too much, so as not to break or crash. Or there will be someone in the bag, had better put hard glasses box, and then into the bag, to avoid the keys, comb, little wear lenses, such as copper or contamination to the lipstick and other cosmetics. 4, driving with sunglasses don't let the sun glasses, do not wear often conveniently on the dashboard or seat, this is a very bad habit, the hot weather will be sun glasses roasted no prototype, especially plastic frames even more so, had better be to take out of the car, or collection in glasses are placed in the box. 5, mirror up no matter where put on the sunglasses, it is important to remember to mirror up, prevent scratch. Sunglasses in travel play plays an important role in protecting our eyes, so we must prepare for sunglasses and maintenance, it can keep us company.
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