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Sunglasses are important fittings for winter

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
When we mentioned the sunglasses, the first thought is usually in the summer, the sun and the beach. However, even in winter, you should also carry your sunnies, because in this year that time, the ultraviolet (uv) radiation won't be ignored. Clear winter air may exacerbate ultraviolet light pollution, and the snow will be reflected. Especially when winter sports enthusiasts on high need to be careful. If you are not appropriate to protect your eyes, there may be conjunctivitis. In the winter need special sunglasses? Just make sure your sunglasses in the winter of high quality, and provide enough uv protection, brown or gray lenses will be the most appropriate, because they are not overly distort your color feeling. Recommended reading: what colour is the sun glasses good sunglasses factory polarized sunglasses for driving the driver when wet streets reflect the sun's light, it can be especially challenging in winter, this time you'd better wear polarized lens. Because of the polarized lenses can block ultraviolet light not only, still can block the glare, is the best choice for the driver.
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