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Sunglasses are not suitable for everyone

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Sorching summer, strong radiation and ultraviolet ray is very easy to damage the eyes, a pair of suitable sunglasses, can greatly reduce damage, but also can have very good adornment effect. But, you know not all sunglasses is appropriate?

according to expert introduction, the following categories of disease patients is not suitable for wearing sunglasses:
1, glaucoma patients: people with glaucoma to glare, reduce miosis intraocular pressure; After wearing glasses, light decreases, dilated pupils, the eye aqueous humor drainage not to go out, intraocular pressure to rise, make the eye pain.
2 patients with retinal and optic nerve inflammation: sunglasses bad cause nerve conduction, accentuate inflammation.
3, color blindness patients: sunglasses harder to distinguish between colors.
4, night blindness patients: sunglasses weaker light filtering, cause vision loss, even invisible.
on the contrary, in patients with cataracts, keratitis and conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, wearing sunglasses can cause disease to recover as soon as possible.
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