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Sunglasses brand ranking

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Hot sun already sway gadites don't open your eyes, so many people wearing sunglasses, to help people effectively protect your eyes. But an American ophthalmologist warns, good people choose to wear yellow or amber lens sunglasses, rather than a blue lens sunglasses, in order to avoid some eye diseases.

yellow or amber lens can filter harmful blue light, so as to reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye, while the blue lenses will & # 8220; Pick out the & # 8221; Blue light. Therefore recommend, no matter what age, most people should not wear blue lens sunglasses. News that black lens sunglasses is also a good choice, because the black lenses can reduce the contact with all colors of light.

it is necessary to have a pair of sunglasses in summer, but if you choose a pair of inferior, unqualified sunglasses, not only can't resist the ultraviolet light, and will make the pupil grow larger, the results make the eye lens to absorb more ultraviolet ray, so sunglasses is not optional accessories. Well, look at the sunglasses brand ranking, I wish you to choose the suitable one.

1, ray-ban ( Peng) 雷- 禁令( Founded in 1930, the United States, the United States air force pilots designed products) SAN Prosun (
2, Taiwan trade and MAOLIN group founded in 1991, the world brand)
3, dolphin or PORPOISE ( Zhejiang famous brand, the domestic retail market is one of the best-selling brand)
4, the eagle saw sunglasses ( Brand in the United States, the world brand)
5, tyrannosaurus sunglasses ( Famous best-selling brand)
6, send li PARIM ( In 1992 to enter the mainland market of Taiwan fashion brands)
7, GUCCI GUCCI the & # 183; Gucci ( Started in 1923 in Florence, Italy)
(8, Dior Dior Christian dior began in 1946, France)
9, PORTS, PORTS, The world brand)
10, sea dream sunglasses ( Zhejiang famous brand, famous brand)

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