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Sunglasses brand which good?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Sunglasses fashion personality and cover the sunshine eye protection, have to say this season fashion essentials. Sunglasses brands on the market at present is various, every trade sales unusually hot, also the price from ten yuan to thousands of yuan, but the quality good and bad are intermingled, wearing a dizzy, have long wear eye pain. So the choose and buy is not only to wear good-looking, wear comfortable, but also the quality guaranteed, these are very important conditions. So sunglasses brand which good? Ray-ban RB2140 - F black box blackish green sheet piece of fashion leisure male big yards sunglasses are famous have ray-ban sunglasses brand, PRADA, PRADA, D& G, versace, gucci, tyrannosaurus rex, SAN bao, li meng, dolphins, polaroid ray-ban, prada, D& G, versace, GUCCI and other world famous brands since needless to say, in the high-end fashion show, they are a match item of thunder. Many big-name stars are these sunglasses on international brand loyal love, can be seen in many fashion parties or activities the modelling of sunglasses. Indeed, unique design, high quality, low profile, not fancy sunglasses products can make personal charm to rise, can let you more notable in the crowd. First of all, no matter what brand, when the choose and buy sunglasses should see clear product has tags, namely the quality inspection certificate, etc. , all when the choose and buy must see clearly; The UV index is one of the important indicators sunglasses to filter out ultraviolet effect. At present, the vast majority of sunglasses UV index at 96% The quality is 98%, sunglass is very important. Secondly, it is should be according to your own face to choose the appropriate sunglasses, such as: oval face: can match the oval frame. Oval face is more standard, suitable for various shapes of sunglasses, but to say right or oval frame, make oval elliptical lines more highlights. Square face: can match the picture frame of bulky, has a circular arc Angle. Don't recommend choose too round, square face too round feel Angle, obviously, but cannot choose too square, the square will highlight your lines. Good choice, but the Angle is a bit of a circular arc. Round face: can match up on the cat's eye. Round face so many girls, suggest you wear a cat's eye glasses, line up face will change high variable-length feeling. A good pair of sunglasses, not only allows you to protect your eyes in the hot sun, can also modify the face, make you outstanding individual character, more confident.
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