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Sunglasses buying skills, problems that are easy to ignore when choosing sunglasses_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-18
I believe that many people make decisions based on appearance reasons such as 'this pair looks so cute' and 'this style is very handsome' when purchasing sunglasses. But is it really a lens that can block UV rays? Today, I will introduce you how to completely prevent 'sunburning the skin from the eyes'. Problems that are easily overlooked when choosing sunglasses. Once the eyes receive sunlight, the melanin of the skin will increase. That is to say, even if you apply sunscreen all over the body, if you do not protect your eyes, you will still cause sunburn on the skin. Therefore, people who want to protect their skin from sunburn and want to do a good job in daily whitening must prevent ultraviolet rays from entering through the eyes. Through a questionnaire survey of 600 men and women in their 20s to 50s, it was found that 47.5% of them did not know the fact that 'ultraviolet rays entering from the eyes can cause an increase in skin melanin.' When asked about 'body parts that have done sunscreen workSunscreen is applied to the eyes. Many people have a misunderstanding that as long as colored lenses have the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays. In fact, colored lenses do not necessarily have the function of blocking UV rays. Some small grocery stores near schools sell cheap, brightly colored, toy-like sunglasses, many of which are not UV-blocking. The color of the lens has nothing to do with the UV blocking function of the lens. That is to say, if you wear sunglasses that do not have the function of blocking UV, it means that you do not prevent UV rays from entering your eyes. Sunglasses with UV blocking function are often marked with the value of 'ultraviolet transmittance'. Of course, the lower the transmittance, the better the UV protection.
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