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Sunglasses case, pick which one?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Have a enough beautiful pair of sunglasses, the street can meimei! But sunglasses style full of beautiful things in eyes, know oneself is most suitable for what? Might as well with small make up to study the face and the sunglasses style features, Pick out the most suitable for your sunglasses styles! Recommended reading: sunglasses to common sense, you know? 不。 Type D sunglasses 1 D type sunglasses: line hale and concise for a long, flat face these stereo feeling a bit weak face, it can also be used to shorten the proportion of the face, especially the angular frame can outline a bit more natural. But must pay attention to the face width, and the proportion of lenses to choose the suitable size. 不。 2 square box sunglasses sunglasses: business professional box sunglasses, more is to show the handsome man and domineering, angular design combined with consistent cover large area, the lining more women's beautiful face and reflect the professional capable aura. 不。 3 the cat's eye sunglasses cat's eye sunglasses: tide restoring ancient ways, round-faced sister cry, culture and art flavor here are suitable for our cat's eye sunglasses! Suggestions can choose the design of picture frame end up slightly, it can perfectly improve facial lines, and the lovely feeling of round, round face sister also can appear angular. And glasses legs fine, best make V face, of course, everyone wants a cinch! 不。 4 designed oval sunglasses sunglasses: modified profile square face wear oval sunglasses, best don't recommend choose too round, too round feel Angle, obviously, but cannot choose too square, the square will highlight your lines. And had better choose delicate oval frame and meticulous mirror foot design, let soft some lines of the face. Actually a square face is the most advanced sense of face shape, supermodel sui he, azaleas are typical examples. Finished watching full sunglasses pick strategy, you know you suitable type? Come and vote to tell us ~? 吗?
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