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Sunglasses essence of choose and buy

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
What's sunglasses? It is either shading wind and containers that can hold the pretty cool super artifact. The function of sunglasses is not small, but if choose and buy the inferior sunglasses, it will have side effects. Small make up today come from multiple directions, explain the essence of the choose and buy sunglasses to consumers. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C5 hawksbill/dark brown sunglasses for different situations: 1, indoor, and night bright color is red, orange, yellow, etc. Belong to our color red, orange, yellow, can't wear in the environment, because they will make more dazzling sunshine, but they are suitable for driving at night, in the movies in the movie theater, or take part in the Party, because in the dark night or dark indoor wear them, not only will not make the outside world a dark, it will make the line of sight is more clear, clear. 2, outdoor: dark brown, dark gray, blackish green color brunet department. Should choose to have large dark lenses at this moment the sun glasses, such as dark brown, dark gray, blackish green color, these color can effectively reduce the stimulation to the eyes. 3, while driving: polariscope. Polarizer can weaken the light to the stimulation of the human eye, and weakened the oncoming headlights beam or the influence of vehicle tail lights, can filter harmful impurity light, effectively reduce eye discomfort to the light, and make the vision more clearly. At present there are many high-end brands on the market are introduced a polarizer, popular in the motorists. Five points 1, material: choose sunglasses picture frame material for plate and metal, if citizens are allergic constitution, should try to choose plate frames. Lens material is resin and glass more, compared the two, resin, soft hardness need more care, glass hardness is a little hard than resin. 2, color: dark glasses lens as the gray, tan, green wait for color, can better protect the eyesight, avoid to choose red, yellow and light blue, these three kinds of color can't very well against ultraviolet. 3, face shape, a square face friend because of face, therefore should not be wearing glasses frame is too large; Round-faced people good on horizontal oval frame sunglasses, too big picture frame will make face become larger; Frame citizens may be arbitrary and are suitable for any type of sunglasses. 4, a crowd: children under 6 years old because eyeball developing, sensitivity to light is high, can automatically adjust to reduce the light into the eyes, wearing sunglasses so discouraged; If the elderly poor eyesight, you can wear light color dark glasses to protect his vision; Myopia patients can wear sunglasses clamping piece, can reduce the discomfort of the eye. 5, color: pale friend don't wear light-colored frame glasses, can let a pale, and dark skin people, try to choose bright color of the frame to brighten the face integral color of skin. Sunglasses factory ms YC9707 sunglasses C2 grind arenaceous black/dazzle colour red lenses that depends how to distinguish between when selected, observe the surface of the sunglasses, good lens surface should be clean, no air bubbles and ripple; Then pick the sunglasses on the lamp, lamp on the surface of the lens, reflective should be uniform, smooth, the color of the lens can not partial, should make the color of the surrounding environment not distortion. Then put the glasses in front 15 cm ~ 20 cm distance, through the window frame and window lens observed cracks or other linear objects, mobile glasses, let your eyes observe a straight line from the lenses of different position for bending or volatility. If there are any irregularities, prompt the lens may have residual degree, this lens Dai Jiu easy dizziness, give up to buy! To see so much, if you still have doubt, small make up recommend an article: taught you how to choose sunglasses, believe seen so detailed strategy after the choose and buy sunglasses, you will be able to match a pair of good sunglasses!
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