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Sunglasses factory science: why need sunglasses more children than adults

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Watching the summer is coming, the sun exposure is from day to day. And that means, in addition to enjoy the benefits of the sun, we should also be ready to prevent the ultraviolet irradiation in advance! Recommended reading: Hey! You really know the sunglasses many parents seem to value is prevented bask in this matter, oneself early wear sunglasses, sunscreen and give their babies only. In fact, the sun is not against the sun, but prevent the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. Uv exposure it is estimated that children receive each year is three times as many adults, uv rays are accumulating. Excessive uv exposure can increase the risk of some eye diseases. Pterygium is a kind of growth on the cornea of pink meat triangle group, serious can affect vision. Has been found that pterygium residence time in the outdoor long see more quite a crowd, such as surfing, skiers, fishermen and farmers. In addition, the excessive uv exposure, also can increase the risk of cataracts and eye cancer, although these disease is a long process, but in the event of will seriously endanger the eye health. The eye optical society of America ( AOA) Sunglasses are a necessity for people of any age, because the eyes of the children of permeability is better than adults, ultraviolet ray is easier to reach the retina, so sunglasses are very important to them. So the child is not can't wear sunglasses, but need sunglasses more than adults. Now the market for baby use sunglasses can be said to be the good and evil people mixed up, and for baby use sunglasses must not be inferior, more can't buy sunglasses play is wearing a concave shape. So children sunglasses how should choose? Keep out rate should choose to cover 100% of UVA and UVB rays glasses, the sunglasses can maximize the rays. When buying children's sunglasses, should choose to normal manufacturer, and pay attention to the uv protection percentage of logo on the manual. Lens color sunglasses uv ability has nothing to do with the lens color, as long as the lens can keep out 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, the treasure mom selected the lens color according to the child's preferences. But studies have found that long-term exposure to high visible light, also known as the 'blue', can also cause eye damage. So when choosing the lens color, can give priority to effectively block the blue amber or brassy lenses. Lens size lens sunglasses, can provide protection for eyelid and eye week skin, so it's best to choose the lens larger sunglasses. The lens material and frame because babies are naturally curious, hyperactivity, may be many unexpected situation, so they shall comply with the standard of sports sunglasses, also must consider the security problem. Should choose more secure resin lens and avoid glass lenses, framework should be elastic easy to bend, to ensure that the glasses joint face. About elastic because babies over a period of time to get used to wearing sunglasses, elastic helps make sunglasses fit in their faces, and stop them constantly to remove out of curiosity. Conditional case, the choice that can replace the picture frame between its leg and elastic, can also be used when the baby grew up some, such as high cost performance. Children with refractive problem children of nearsightedness or farsightedness glasses, can choose the color of the lens, this lens in indoor look with glasses, but in the sunshine will automatically dimming, protection for children's eyes. Proper use of sunglasses, umbrella of the sunglasses is the baby's eyes. Baby wearing sunglasses must be comfortable, otherwise the baby may be because of not feeling well and would not like to wear; Is the most important thing for your baby to wear sunglasses, not more than 2 hours in a row, and once the baby into the interior or the shade must be removed.
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