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Sunglasses, fashion people to carry it

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Every time when we Look at stars with tide people will be attracted by their fashionable gas place, are each a seemingly simple Look carefully choose collocation. In these fashion designs, what makes a sa o charlene choi and put it as a necessary sheet is tasted collocation? All LiangLi Street clap, fashionable modelling is ubiquitous in the fashion figure, have you found? Charlene choi ( Sa) o Lively and cheerful in others heart sa charlene choi, often in a variety of ever-changing modelling appeared in various situations, and the present at the Paris fashion week 17 spring and summer, sa, the skirt with shoulder-straps wears outside underwear in a thin shoulder a women's sex appeal gives fully, match again a handsome motorcycle leather coat and a pair of Prsr pasha B6795 printed black and white striped sunglasses for modelling the hale and hearty joined the modern women. Liu xuan female in the fashion capital of Paris, has an aura of elegance, little liu xuan in a simple shirt inside take deserve to go up again with intellectual woman flavour tweed coat and a pair of Prsr pasha B6786 sunglasses complete Paris woman intellectual fashionable and elegant style. Fashion in the reds in the Ike in live and expression in the package has been predominantly whimsy Ike, since the successful scored after a fashion, it amazing to everyone in a variety of fashion designs in the fashion of occasions. In SS17 London fashion week, he wore a Prsr pasha x Dumpty cooperation glasses watch Dumpty Studio's London fashion week debut. Fashion photographer insisted fashion photographer insisted to deduce New York Style leisure of bright yellow collocation, this is between leisure and modern fashion mix-and-match breath, ChanYouLiang eye wear is not enough to reveal insisted fashion sense, match again a Prsr pasha J6661 golden metal contracted and sunglasses, with metal elements increase overall modern flavor, increase the modelling of the window. Full of sports leisure wind modelling, in the most simple black and white and construct the whole modelling contracted feeling, finally to Prsr pasha x C. J。 YAO cooperation glasses, color transparent lens for the whole body is increased some color of vitality, irregular geometrical frame can also show insisted the unique fashion charm. Fashion bloggers ying zi in the Shanghai fashion week 17 spring and summer fashion bloggers ying child by Prsr pasha invited to become the independent stylist C China. J。 YAO live anchor of runway, not only for Prsr pasha friends further shows the background, also invited the designers at the scene of this new series on design concept, finally also watched the catwalk show with you. Ying child & amp; Prsr pasha x WbyWenJun cooperation glasses in this fashion week, ying is in this season's Hit velvet item match Prsr pasha x WbyWenJun cooperation glasses, deduce the perfect winter infinite charm. Fashion bloggers WENJUN LAU, big long legs fashion bloggers WENJUN LAU, also wear model with sa o Prsr pasha 17 latest B6795 black and white striped glasses, Girlish mix up all show WENJUN youthful vitality. Fashion bloggers Aya fashion bloggers from kazakhstan Aya chose Prsr pasha x BySun cooperation as she 17 spring and summer of Shanghai fashion week's carry-on item. Amber decorative pattern is full of mature lasting appeal and geometric building the frame of feeling, be the best tool of the street snap. Cooperation and Prsr pasha x WbyWenJun glasses, round frames for Aya is a little street wind modelling more add a little flavor restoring ancient ways. The star-studded Prsr pasha glasses Look, with their fashion tour, get together with them, to open your Prsr pasha style road! Prsr pasha, nowhere not style Prsr pasha, fashion glasses brand was founded in 2002. With keen fashion antennae, become a style of the interpreter. Prsr pasha, the facial contour blends Oriental characteristics and aesthetic temperament and interest, and derive the popular elements into the design, with superb technology, excellent quality, the aesthetic feeling of the fashion and unique style of self clever union, reveal a distinctive style charm for you. Pasha, nowhere not style. This article from the Chinese glasses net, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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