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Sunglasses for you deduce charm of urban women

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Use sunglasses to match not only modern noble, but also has a flavor, can better show their sex appeal and charm! Small make up next to introduce several kinds of amorous feelings of urban women's sunglasses, you can also draw lessons from the tie-in skill, think about how to let oneself more close to the city life circle. Like the style, raise your hand is cast sufficient between temperament, let a person cannot ignore. White long-sleeved loose t-shirts, modal cotton fabrics, wear in the body comfortable soft, roll up sleeves, tie-in tall waist hole bull-puncher knickers, big beautiful legs. On the ankle with high-heeled sandals, wear a pair of big black sunglasses, let whole face became more delicate and cabinet, a big red lip, a head of long hair up person, holding a black bag, the entire Korean style, not only sexy and appearing fresh urban women. Vertical stripes shirt is very elegant, strapless style and fashionable and sexy, bundle of hair, let a person feel more relaxed after a pair of sunglasses to wear character and the feeling of cool immediately emerge. OL in not only monotonous uniform or black and white, add some fashion elements, more show city ladies wear capability. Printing jumpsuits suit, a rural wind, absolutely beautiful. Printed elements appearing bright and beautiful, gentle lady, do not break vogue feeling, tall waist design, slacks, match a pair of sunglasses color film ellipse, and a white hat, full of vitality and summer fashion sense, very individual character. Black off-the-shoulder T-shirt, pink letters design add many lovely smell. Strapless style sexy cool and refreshing. Collocation edge bull-puncher knickers, with round frame sunglasses, tie-in woven straw hat, carrying a chain bag, beautiful, sexy, and increases the charm fashion. Actually want to deduce the glamour of city girl, in addition to want to fashion beautiful dress, in the accessories also should under a little time to just go oh! Sunglasses is joker artifact, so don't forget to reasonable use of oh ~
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