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Sunglasses glass lenses, resin lens and PC lens which good?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-03
Sunglasses fashion has always been everything joker sheet is tasted. Can sunshade, can play handsome, is one of the necessary weapon street snap's got talent. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the Icon will be put on the street it, both pictures and take in your hand to do an ornament effect is great. But in the face of many kinds of sunglasses, how should we choose? Common glass lenses, resin lens and PC lens sunglasses which good? Ray-ban sunglasses RB3449 men 004/55 silver/lens dazzle colour blue glass lenses glass lenses, compared with other material of the lens, optical performance is the best lens material. Surface hardness is very high, it is not easy to be scratches and wear, also is not easy to deformation, and its luster and simple sense is very strong, the vision is slightly better. But the weight is too heavy, glass lenses are easy to break. So for hobby movement of the consumer, do not use this material of the lens. Resin lens resin lenses, is currently the most used type of lens material, it contains the chemical composition of a plant. Its biggest characteristic is light weight, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, and can effectively prevent ultraviolet sunlight, wearing comfortable and healthy, so the resin is a kind of relatively good sunglasses lens material. But its wear resistance is relatively glass lenses to weak, it is more easily scratched lenses when hit, also easy to deformation, so attention to maintenance. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses lenses C7 black box silver leg/grey PC lens PC lenses contain polycarbonate, it is a high molecular compound, belonging to a more high-end lens products. Its characteristic is very light, chromatic performance is good, it is easy to realize the phenomenon of dyeing, and PC lens itself with some uv protection function. But relatively poor abrasion resistance. These three lenses which good? Each has his strong point, specific or choose according to their needs is better, but whatever the material sunglasses are true and false, or so the choose and buy sunglasses to normal optician to buy!
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