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Sunglasses in this way can take an amazing summer

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
The summer sun so dazzling, can you do not have the appearance of sunglasses? Sunglasses are not just used to shade, of course, the collocation of high or pretend bility artifact! But dark glasses is bad, you dream of 'beauty' is also go off! Think this summer, sunglasses need such: one, match with the face 1, cat eye MaoYanJing temperament is the queen of love, a minute out of the prada queen high-end feeling. Oval, lozenge face wear MaoYanJing is right choice, can let a face looks more perfect. 2, square, rectangular mirror occasionally take square sunglasses are more, but this kind of sunglasses is not each face can try. Heart-shaped face people wear more feel heart-shaped face looks like each kind of sunglasses are build, but the heart-shaped face and retro sunglasses worthy of oh. 3, round round mirror south Korean girls like classic sunglasses shape, although the face is very thin but as long as some flesh carry such glasses, appear excellent temperament. Square face look quite clear, with the edges and corners are round sunglasses to offset the face is a very good choice. Paragraph 4, aviator pilots with pilot glasses and metal frame with a handsome don't don't of. Suit to face or face to wear, can keep out face to face with the radian of Angle appear face more perfect. 5, oversize large oversized sunglasses lenses is love sister wants to be slapped her face. GD and small S glasses, the feeling is super popular this year. Second, sunglasses and lip color collocation can take the advantage of the sunglasses is not painted eye makeup, then all of the focus has moved into the lip makeup. 1 and a half and candice x pink lipstick, Vanessa's wearing a tortoiseshell sunglasses golden hair can't perfect collocation, coral pink lip color is not only natural, but also very suitable for her skin. 2, tortoiseshell phnom penh sunglasses x tiffany tang is also orange color lipstick tortoiseshell glasses frame, but some frames than the above model is slightly thick, color is also different. With overall carry bright orange lipstick to face a level! 3, metal frog mirror x frog mirror naked color lipstick in the 1980 s are all the rage among young people in the city, and to face more picky, if too strong makeup will make the whole face doesn't look natural. Kendall jenna with frog mirror nude lipstick collocation that grabs an eye, the light lip color easy to capture the man's heart ~ 4 restoring ancient ways, pure black sunglasses * matte lipstick red series said lip color restoring ancient ways will have to say the big red lips, each time I see red lip will certainly think of fan bingbing! So swagger bright lip color, tie-in low-key cool black sunglasses are perfect! 5, cat's eye sunglasses * who says dumb dumb smooth series lipstick lip color of light can't light up, this is not how great our Jessica collocation. The cat's eye glasses, enhance facial features and sharp edges.
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