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Sunglasses into each star street snap a highlight of airport

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Airport is a lot of female star, most women are likely to appear at the airport every day, so the airport also inadvertently became many actresses taking snapshots of the place, also is easy to reveal the location of the personal fashion sense. Often appear on the Internet pictures of sino-south Korean actress airport street snap, all kinds of wear take a style, have toward, trend of wind, Korea, England and so on. But no matter what kind of outfit, sunglasses, accessories in the eyes of all the stars, is always a bright eye. Fan bingbing street snap with comfortable cheap casual wear appeared at the airport, this is still a little hot season, fan bingbing, wearing a white blouse with color design package arm short skirt, sexy. Bow foot flat shoes, carrying a red bag, plus the collocation of restoring ancient ways round bright color sunglasses, the little woman temperament instant rise. Quan zhixian, everybody is very familiar with the Korean actress is also a common one in the airport street snap, each one outfit would give people different feeling. This black pants wearing a yellow coat collocation, foot ankle boots, black hand carry a black bag, maturity in an instant all show. Plus the ornament of a pair of chanel sunglasses and watches the foil of ring, add mystery to overall modelling elegant charm.
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