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Sunglasses is easy injury eye date

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
A lot of friends all thought only myopia glasses or contact lenses have a life, and for the use of sunglasses period and have no idea. Glasses sunglasses factory to remind the broad masses of friends, the sunglasses expiration is also easy to damage the eyes, if not timely replacement easily affect vision. Because the material of lenses will with the passage of time and aging, plus inappropriate wearing habits and the nursing method, it is easy to reduce the service life of the sunglasses, and long-term wear sunglasses expired can bring great harm to eyesight. Glasses sunglasses factory to remind those of you who use sunglasses, if your lens has been lens scratched, wearing glasses easily fatigue, dizziness, etc. , please change the sunglasses, and the choose and buy a new sunglasses sunglasses of selecting the uv protection ability standard products.
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