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Sunglasses 'lanling king', the airport commotion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
2013 ancient costume youth idol drama 'lanling king' in four big TV broadcast simultaneously, make the play. The lanling king actor and producer through time and space are relying on this, across great river north and south. A few days ago, 'lanling king' through time and space plane arrived in Taiwan, propaganda play 'lanling king'. Through time and space dressed casually, 'black sunglasses hid his charismatic, at the same time, some of the mystique, hordes of pick up a few degrees of fans crazy, and handsome charming his signature of fans did not refuse, once triggered riots. Through time and space name Feng Wei, born on October 7, 1978 in Shanghai, in 2001 graduated from the Shanghai theater academy academy undergraduate class. Has appeared in a number of film and television play engaging childe, and in 2011 eight 'GongSuo heart jade' the play was an instant hit in the corner of her brother, after successively in 'painted skin 2', 'the second exposure, the rise of a hero of tai chi, the production of gods are the dragon king' and other films. In 2012 as a TV series starring 'lanling king' the supervision and, set up a personal studio.
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