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Sunglasses make leisure vacation mirror type

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Autumn taste more and more strong, body armor is more and more thick, how to become the focus of the lens to capture in the crowd become jing younger sister are very headache. A suit of casual clothes, a pair of fashionable sunglasses make leisure fashion, relaxed and handsome leading fashion, the heart? Come see the tide star dress up! Sofie Valkiers dressed in red and white pinstripe suit that show hilum, wide-legged pants hurt tassel adds a lot of interest, and sapphire mirror sunglasses and smiling face pattern bag, chao fan, full of young feeling. Helena Bordon wearing green stripe condole, tie-in white minimalist slippers, equipped with sapphire handbags, a pair of white cat's eye sunglasses, relaxed and lively, full of holiday atmosphere. Martha Graeff dressed in dark green stripe dress with blue bag, elegant and along with the gender, a pair of cool sunglasses is full of feminine and fashionable breath. Mirror sunglasses are ShanYan enough, enough light, it's hard not outstanding. Sofie Valkiers dressed in black and white stripes knit the outfit that show a belly, tie-in knickers of gray loose and leopard wedge sandals, sexy and fashionable. Square sunglasses foil the face not so long, and looks more three-dimensional fashion. Caroline Vreeland in striped bag hip dress, black leather jacket and stamped on the leopard print heels, everywhere is sending out sexy charm. That exaggerated the cat's eye sunglasses but also took the eye, always can't help but see a few eye. Natalie Joos, wearing a plaid jumper, tie-in black and white stripes wide-legged pants, pink plaid bag in hand, modern. Big round frame sunglasses not only increased the fashion sense, give a person a kind of youthful feeling. Stripe jacket water to wash jeans, mature and responsible. Playful young sexy and fashionable as a purple sunglasses. Sunglasses and the collocation of all kinds of face: sunglasses with square face of collocation points: a square face, mainly for mandibular lateral mandibular Angle hypertrophy, the feeling of the person gives on the vision more wide. On choosing sunglasses, advised to choose a round or oval sunglasses, frame color is tonal, choose dark or large point on you can talk with your facial lines form a strong contrast to shift focus from your face. The collocation of sunglasses and heart-shaped face points: heart-shaped face features a wide forehead, cheek to sag, and at the same time have high cheekbones. So on choosing sunglasses, modify your high cheekbones is the key, suggested that choose the oval or round sunglasses, light thin side of the picture frame is used to balance your sunken cheeks. Sunglasses with oval type of collocation points: oval face is also called the oval face, is the Chinese standard of face. The glasses frame of almost any shape and color can be digested, but does not recommend collocation is bigger than face the oversize sunglasses, that will be covered in your perfect face. Sunglasses and circular face of collocation points: round face is the face of classicle style, suitable for square or choose sunglasses shape outline is clear. Sunglasses with the diamond face of collocation points: the diamond face is also called the diamond face, can give a person leave more image. Recommend choosing elliptic or rimless glasses, glasses lens on the box can be appropriately wide some. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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