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Sunglasses makeup collocation rule

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
At the end of the cold winter, the warmth of spring is coming soon! As more and more sunny days, the frequencies of sunglasses would be increased. Love beautiful lady out draw a makeup, make a hair style, and then put on a pair of fashion sunglasses, it is too attractive. But without good collocation is very embarrassed oh, small make up this sunglasses gave you talk about makeup collocation in hair! ! ! ! Border color of sunglasses sunglasses factory ms YC9707 sunglasses C8 hawksbill/dazzle colour yellow face: frame, oval, etc is comely face. Adapter hair: long straight hair, but not too straight, play some hair on his head, the hair a little messy, the effect will be better, and shoulder the small volume of flower hair also can match. Adapter makeup: light and transparent powdery bottom, jump on the pale pink blush, eye shadow can be adjusted according to the color of sunglasses frame, lip gloss good choose warm red, like a red, brick red, etc. Gradient lens sunglasses sunglasses sunglasses factory 1105 b2 hoar tide female face big box sunglass adaptation: as long as is not too small of any shape can be assured that choose to wear. Adapter hairstyle: for her hair straight hair, neutral style short and hard working. Adapter makeup: choose the colour makeup that cool color moves, elegant temperament. Punk style sunglasses laybourne RB4222 grind arenaceous black sunglasses 622/8 g/lens gray face: some edges, face shape face stereo sense is strong, is not suitable for thin face. Adapter hairstyle: longhair, straight hair, curly hair tangles, good is the long hair. Adapter makeup: try to choose the foundation that cool color moves, and lip gloss, eye shadow as violet. 2014 new sunglasses sunglasses with a special decoration factory yc9002 refined understated nobility Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways of polarized sunglasses fit black face: this type of lenses have a round square, for a better any face facial lines. Adapter hairstyle: show hair, forehead to make sunglasses ornament thing fully revealed, the hair dish up effect is good. Adapter makeup: light color, cool color makeup look, mainly to do foil for sunglasses.
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