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Sunglasses male PK sunglasses female, who is slightly better

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Handsome ladies all love fashion, love with sunglasses to his own image add cent, under which the dear friends, you can judge it whether sunglasses men can capture your heart or sunglasses more women could be more bright blind your eyes! Wang Guanyi PK Lu Ying Wang Guanyi dressed in a simple T-shirt, plus design is simple and the design feeling extremely coat, wearing a pair of big box square sunglasses, warm and a sense of cool, leisure and do not break vogue. Lu Ying in red dress up lens type very grab an eye, shoulder black fur and wooden package restoring ancient ways collocation makes a whole set of the nods eyeball pen of dress up. At a glance that can become the focus of the red big frame glasses let her go to become a beautiful scenery. Xinbo fu PK liu xiaoqing xinbo fu turns into a warm autumn day man, wearing a turtleneck, dark grey coat shoulder, glance a pair of glasses is very cool and fashionable. Raise your hand is cast sufficient between elegant in style, chao fan. Liu xiaoqing a suit black, short shorts, the great white legs, HuoShi a youth girl! Elliptical big sunglasses covered face is wearing a baseball cap, chao fan.
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