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Sunglasses market are faced with the problem how to solve

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
We normally buy sunglasses may also note that some problems, such as, there are a lot of inferior sunglasses on the market, price is low, but the eyes hurt. Another fake sunglasses are also very serious, a lot of fake and shoddy products emerge in endlessly. So in the face of these problems, how should we solve it? Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q hawksbill, extensive propaganda and education, advocate rational consumption. Combining with all kinds of large-scale publicity activities favorable opportunity, by issuing publicity materials, such as printing thematic exhibition, typical case analysis form, extensive propaganda glasses consumption apply relevant laws and regulations, guide consumers to establish the rational consumption idea, don't blindly pursue famous brand and fashion, covet is cheap, must to normal store or stores to buy sunglasses. Second, increase the intensity of sampling observation, create a comfortable environment. Closely connected with the quality supervision department should be strengthened, the joint quality of glasses regular or irregular sampling inspection, and through the Internet, newspapers, television and other media list a better quality of public products production enterprises, guide the consumer right consumption; In accordance with the law shall be ordered to failed the quality of the product manufacturers to stop production, from the shelves for failed the product processing, for consumers to create satisfied consumption environment. Three, to hunt down the illegal behavior, maintenance management order. Relying on economic account and accurate point regulatory model, to examine of operation and the merchants of the sun glasses, key to verify the sunglasses are sold the information such as trademarks, manufacturer, certificate of qualified, crack down on counterfeit famous ( Famous) Counterfeit trademark, name, packaging, decoration peculiar to well-known goods and counterfeit famous enterprise names such as 'fake' and '3 without' goods of illegal behavior. 003/32 four ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass, pay attention to consumer rights, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. By issuing publicity materials, issued a consumer warning, and guide consumers value invoices from shopping and keep shopping vouchers, encourage its consumption disputes should be through the '12315 complaints platform, the service of the municipal administration rights junction channels such as complaints to report promptly to the Ministry of Commerce and industry, and actively take legal weapon effectively safeguard their legal rights and interests.
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