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Sunglasses not big enough just right

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Summer is coming, many friends early ready to fashionable sunglasses, preparation. But some friends of sunglasses a far view of attitude, because they think the sunglasses will cover the charming place - — Eyes, leading to the whole person spirit not so good, actually put on sunglasses can still presence engaging! Although his eyes obscured, but other parts can highlight, the lips, for example, instead more attractive! In summer, sunglasses not big enough just right! Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour makeup tetralogy 1 purple large sunglasses, make-up before to make water oil balance of skin, apply a mask and then not easily makeup makeup last longer on oh! 2, with good sunscreen, lay the bottom makeup, with BB frost or air cushion CC cream let you face all the drawbacks of contact; 3, if is the lens of the eyebrows, the painted eyebrows clearly have a type, if great circle lenses, such as in the figure simply eyebrow eye makeup in the province; 4, if the lens cover the eyebrow eye, can highlight the color of the lip to lift the spirit, if the dew of lenses have eyebrows eyebrow characterization is domineering, the lips with a meat pink shows neutral nature side is able to bear or endure look. Draw a beautiful makeup, should choose a suitable for your next big sunglasses, how to choose? Dark glasses take to face a second variable star! Ray-ban RB2447 - 901/4 j F men sunglasses black/dazzle colour green piece heart-shaped face heart-shaped face, wide forehead, the chin is pointed. The face on wide below narrow design to avoid as far as possible, like joker travelers Wayfarer, cat's eye Cateye and movement of paragraph Sport can be. Round face round-faced people face line is not obvious, should choose some partial Square, angular sunglasses, must avoid the round box, it will make your face look more rounded, like the travelers Wayfarer, paragraphs cat's eye Cateye and Square Square are suitable. Oval faces in the face of people don't have to worry about, all sorts of models are suitable for you, as long as you choose a their loved ones, like the popular travelers paragraphs Wayfarer and pilot Aviator is pretty good and oversized style Oversize can also oh. People choose relatively small square face square face, because the face chiseled, so you can choose some soft fruity style to your facial lines, like Round Round, oval frames and even box shields are pretty good.
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