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Sunglasses nursing method is introduced

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Whether sorching summer, or autumn season, wear a pair of sunglasses is necessary. An appropriate sunglasses can reveal your unique personality, and to keep out harmful rays in sunlight, is a fashion item already practical beautiful. Sunglasses and it takes care of, but, you know the sunglasses nursing method? If you don't know, just with small make up to study the nursing methods of sunglasses, please. Nursing sunglasses, the first thing you need to know is how to prevent the lens scratches problem. A lot of people in the use of sunglasses because do not know how to wipe the stain dust, on the sunglasses to sunglasses mirror scratched, it affected the sunglasses not only beautiful, and can produce damage to your eyes. When wiping the sunglasses, therefore, must use soft cloth to wipe the mirror, wipe the lens glasses cloth also need to clean them regularly. Second, you need to know is that sunglasses that corrosive agents of avoid by all means, therefore, in at ordinary times when cleaning sunglasses can only wash, if the lens, its leg and nose place have the pollution, use detergent to clean with clear water or neuter soap wash. Later, you need to pay attention to the preservation of the sunglasses. Many people are not using sunglasses don't like the sunglasses on his head, it will affect a mirror feet firmly. And some people having like sunglasses is thrown in the car dashboard, and hot environment of high temperature inside the car can affect glasses of protective layer. When not wearing sunglasses, therefore, must be stored in the sun sunglasses box, bag, or sunglasses can prevent the dust, and to prevent from scratching, to prolong the period of sunglasses. Glasses sunglasses factory expert reminds you, sunglasses to wear for a long time, often leads to its leg loose, so you need to store had often glasses adjustments, and general stores can provide such service free of charge.
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