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Sunglasses purchase details issues_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-16
Sunglasses are very popular glasses nowadays. They can not only protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also are a favorite accessory for many people. For the selection of sunglasses, everyone needs to pay attention to the purchase of sunglasses, especially the details of the purchase of sunglasses. Let's take a look at the details of the purchase of sunglasses together. Generally, more people pay attention to the style of sunglasses when choosing sunglasses, but in fact, when purchasing, few people pay attention to the information on the outer packaging of sunglasses. In fact, these signs include the manufacturer's name, trademark, quality level , functions, etc., are a simple description of sunglasses. Generally, if the labels are not complete, the quality of the sunglasses is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, it can be seen that the sunglasses purchased at many stalls do not have these labels. And in the regular glasses store is there. Generally, the range of UV protection is marked on the tag of the sunglasses. The sunglasses with the tags marked 'UV400' and '100% UV protection' have excellent UV protection ability and can protect the eyes. This is also something that few people will pay attention to. In fact, not all sunglasses have good UV protection, and there are many types of UV protection. Only those with UV400, UVA, UVB and CE markings have UV protection. Although everyone attaches great importance to style, it is still taboo to buy love at first sight. When choosing, you need to choose according to your own use requirements, your own temperament characteristics, face characteristics, etc. Such sunglasses are not only practical, but also after wearing Also beautiful. The place where you choose to buy the sun must have a reputation and a high degree of credibility, so as not to buy unqualified sunglasses, not only can not protect your eyes, but hurt your eyes.
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