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Sunglasses sales season will flourish

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Yesterday, the reporter visited the city of some optical shop, basic every shelves full of different styles of sunglasses, some small stores, simply put sunglasses more than two-thirds of the counter. But, in contrast, only a few customers buying sunglasses, sometimes open all day, merchants. The reporter understands in jiefang road a nearby store had, in previous years, this time, an average of 1 day can sell 40 sunglasses, but this year, the average 1 day and can not sell 1 pair. “ Sunglasses since early April each year, into the sales season, and may and June is in two months, but under the influence of the special weather this year, almost can not sell. ” Optical shop operators of Mr Wang says plaintively, & # 8220; I'll spread into the 100000 yuan in March, sunglasses, this year seems to be on hand. ” Interview, the reporter understands, most of the optical shop operators, all like Mr. Wang, years had already entered into ten yuan, even hundreds of thousands of yuan of goods, but now encountered unsalable embarrassment.

store operator Mr Wang told reporters, sunglass is afraid of unsalable, because compared with ordinary myopic lens, the epidemic of sunglasses is very strong, every factory will launch a new style, and customer demand for new style also is very strong. “ So in this way, if this year's sunglasses a lot of pressure, so it is hard to sell until next year. Passed in May, June and sold on a period of time, soon, the sunglasses sales season has passed, so everyone is very worried. ” Mr Wang said.

for this special weather, in addition to optical shop, glasses manufacturers are also facing the same embarrassment. But interview, the reporter understands from some in the industry, if you encounter such a situation, the manufacturer may be to sell a large amount of unsold sunglasses to some countries such as Vietnam, myanmar, because there is popular speed relatively slower than side, so there is still a certain market.

season later this year, nearly in mid-may, the temperatures are slow to rise, and the rainy season, is hard to see the sun. Under the special weather like this, the reporter found that many store had repeatedly complain, because this is the sunglasses sales busy season, is sinking into the predicament of unsalable. Some stores, sunglass sales less than 1/40 of the same period.
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