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Sunglasses selection attention points have?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Sunglasses protect glasses as important accessories, is now very popular among people, there are many different kinds of sunglasses on the market, many people don't know how to choose. Then the point sunglasses selection attention have? Recommended reading: what style of sunglasses? Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses below small make up to introduce choose sunglasses a few pay attention to point 1: the first is whether the lens can block ultraviolet light on lens with an oval label, if there is ANTI - above UV, is proved to be a real sunglasses. Had better choose ANTI - 100% UV sunglasses. At the same time, also on the label will be 0 4 Numbers for the index of the rays. Summer with sunglasses, choose index for at least 3 products. 2: the lens color lens color options, should be put on after the distortion of the color of the surrounding environment, the edge of the object is clear, can effectively identify the different color lights for the principle. Near-sighted choose brown lens is more comfortable, far-sighted better choose green lens, gray lenses for any balanced absorption spectrum, so watch the scenery will dim, but do not have clear off color, suitable for all people to wear. 3: is it polarized sunglasses polarized sunglasses's handling of the reflected light. Environment we live in, there is a direct light and reflected light and diffuse light, three kinds of light, including diffuse light we do not perceive at ordinary times, but it is our eyes can see the object of one of the most important kind of light. And direct light because it has a fixed light source ( Like the sun) , as long as pay attention, it would not cause any harm to our life. These common reflector in life often suddenly to reflect the light, will bring a lot of inconvenience to our life. Drivers, for example, in front of the mirror is a reflection of an uncertain light source, the side of the road surface or passers-by with smooth flat object can be a reflection of the light source, the reflected light is likely to bring the driver's driving or even dangerous. 4: box type suggest choose eyeglass frame slightly larger, glasses legs slightly wide sunglasses, so that we can stop from reflex the light all around. It is beautiful glass frame covering eyebrows sunglasses.
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