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Sunglasses should pay attention to colors

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Sorching summer, many people wear sunglasses, can eye protection, and more fashionable. But if the incorrect lens, it will trigger a retinopathy. Glasses sunglasses factory advice, good choice of gray, brown wait for color sunglasses, to protect, avoid by all means choose blue lens.
the color of the sunglasses is not the deeper, the better, and there are absolutely can't choose color. The choose and buy sunglasses, UV400 sign to recognize trademark, also can take glasses to specialized agencies to do uv test.
, experts say, ultraviolet or UV, the two UVA and UVB light illuminate the human body for a long time, besides can cause skin and skin cancer, sunburn can also harm eye cornea, retina and vitreous body, because it is not visible, easily in virtually cumulative damage to the eyes, and in the long run can lead to problems such as cataracts and macular lesion. Studies have found that long-term exposure to UVB light, cataract risk will be increased by 3 times, and can cause other eye diseases, and even blindness. Sunglasses to protect eyes, the key lies in the lens can effectively block the ultraviolet ray, now recognized as gray, blackish green, brown lens with protection, other colors for the most part the & # 8220; Couldn't use the & # 8221; And even more damage to the eyes.
sunglasses factory glasses eye experts suggest that when choosing sunglasses good don't choose the blue lenses. As the growth of the age, some photosensitive compound will be more and more in the retinal cells, and the wavelength of the blue part in spectrum can big to activate these compounds, promote the harmful free radicals, Organism oxidation reaction of harmful compounds) Release. Blue lens can pick out harmful blue light into the eye, and amber lens can filter blue and yellow, preventing the damage to eyes.
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