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Sunglasses standard analytical

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Sunglasses is not only a uv protection, prevent strong light, the effect of anti glare, or, a symbol of fashion, nowadays has become one of the essentials of the mass consumers, in the modern life occupies a very important position. Because of this, sunglasses quality is becoming more and more attention from society. Countries around the world in the early 1970 s were the relevant standards for the detection of sunglasses. At present the common detection based on sunglasses exports: European ANSI280 EN1836, American standard. 3, the Australian standard AS/NZS 1067 ( The current valid version of EN1836 - respectively 2005 + A1 - 2007、AN- SI280。 3 - 2001年/ NZS1067 - 2003). For sale in the territory of China sunglasses is standard QB2457 glasses industry in our country, The current valid version of QB2457 - 2001). GB10810 part, including spectral reference to national standards. 3 ( The current valid version to GB10810. 3 - 2006). 。 The execution of these standards to be sunglasses circulation market has a very good watchdog role, protect consumers' rights and personal safety. However, countries in the quality detection of sunglasses has yet been reached, there are lots of differences between countries detection basis, this undoubtedly give sunglasses import and export of creating unnecessary obstacles and barriers. In view of the similarities and differences of these standards, some necessary analyses the production and quality control of sunglasses has the vital significance.
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