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Sunglasses style belongs to you

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Summer is coming, are you ready for the sunglasses? If not, small make up to tell you what sunglasses is more suitable for you, and laws of sunglasses look oh, let this upcoming Xia Jigeng hot, wearing sunglasses style that belongs to you! Oval sunglasses: oval face sunglasses factory YC9105C1 elegant black female fashion polarized sunglasses Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways big frame sunglasses oval sunglasses are suitable for mature women, wearing dark glasses at ordinary times can be a simple soft naked makeup, women's gentle temperament will display very well. Oval face friends can also take advantage of their own face, wide selection of sunglasses shape. And close to the color pink cheek is red color, with a hint of lip is sweet, but more a kind of relaxed and natural throb. Classic sunglasses: frame sunglasses factory ms YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill/lens ash such partial square sunglasses should be a classic, thick makeup makeup suits, pink is tender makeup look small and pure and fresh temperament, thick makeup is royal elder sister queen fan. Classic sunglasses fit heart-shaped face friend, because on the frame in the hair or clothing is an excellent match, even on the sunglasses are no exception. Frog mirror: square face ray-ban RB3449 men sunglasses silver / 004/55 lens dazzle colour blue frog mirror is very suitable for square face of a friend, to keep out the face the defect of zygomatic place, appear very harmonious whole face. For a thick makeup, sexy pure color will make the whole people more spirit more attractive, even threw the face hidden under the big sunglasses not sexy. Don't know these sunglasses can attract the attention of people, if their charm is not enough, small make up recommend you to look at an article: a cool sunglasses can top ten modelling, absolutely let you control desire to buy buy buy!
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