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Sunglasses, summer charm

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Once upon a time, there is a sunglasses advertisement says: the & # 8220; Summer, the woman must have a sunglasses, in order to keep out sunshine, more the shade is sad. ” In the big city, women under the pressure of multiple, born delicate emotions and thoughts, always hard to reveal their eyes with a sad and helpless. So, a thin layer of the colored lenses, and without the cover points to home, kept woman.
hopelessly in love with the women like girlfriends of decorations. Putting the powerful current of unrivalled, street, one of the reasons is that she is flat, wearing a stylish sunglasses, handsome and cool aggressive impression to the person.
a, origin: beautiful legends about the sunglasses
sunglasses has a long history. Although not clear exactly is who invented glasses, but it can be traced back to the origin of the sunglasses and the Roman empire period in ancient China. Rumours in the Roman empire, the judges will be put on the coated black glasses in the competition to conceal their facial expressions, to do big possible to ensure the fairness of sports competition.
as the rise of a fashion trend, essentials of sunglasses has become a fashion. Travelers style by the 1950 s, 60 s dark brown sunglasses wind, to the pilots in the 70 s style, no matter what season trend of main wind inexorably, sunglass is always cannot replace a fashion factor.
ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) The brand, has always been the darling of the fashion circle. In the first half of the 20th century, wear a pair of ray-ban glasses is such a celebrity's group. More popular season, so far no signs of fading large picture frame sunglasses, originated in the sixties and seventies of the last century, make its & # 8220; Nuwa & # 8221; Audrey is the & # 8226; Audrey Hepburn. In the film 'breakfast at tiffany's,' was the big sun lens cover half the face of Audrey Hepburn, make originally strange and grandiose sunglasses design fashion, classic and popular in the world.
2, choice: like choosing underwear
said women choose a suitable sunglasses like choosing underwear, it is not exaggerated. Eyes are fragile and poor choices, not only can protect the eyes from the sun and dust, it will bring serious damage to eyes.
in terms of practical function, and not all sunglasses with uv protection function, a pair of sunglasses in conformity with the basic standard and can only say that the ultraviolet radiation is weakened while blocking light. When the choose and buy sunglasses, we will try to choose some uv logo is clear, such as: the & # 8220; 100% ultraviolet prevention & # 8221; , & # 8220; UV400” , & # 8220; Cut off all of the uv & # 8221; , & # 8220; Ultraviolet prevention & # 8221; And so on.
choose brand products is the important guarantee of quality of sunglasses. Comfortable or not is absolutely women choose the first consideration, second is beautiful.
with sunglasses block, female people can fully through facial release their emotions, discontent, despise, even indulgence. In front of sunglasses, people see is the woman mysterious eyes, touch not and deeply heart, powerful aura and high above the & # 8220; Tone & # 8221; 。
throughout the summer sunglasses trend, sexy and became a key words, restoring ancient ways from pilots classic box box to D word, from the bigger the large picture frame strutting his stuff to shu luca brasi feels dye-in-the-wood the cat's eye, make a person enchanted fashionable sunglasses decorative and practical.
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