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Sunglasses talent NiNi opportunities

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
NiNi, the 27 years old birthday goddess of fashion, has a tall figure was not only, also the fashion and unique dress sense! NiNi regardless of where love sunglasses covered face now, is that each fashionable sunglasses let NiNi sunken modelling unique, fashion! NiNi with after the jinling thirteen women became famous, magazine covers, repeatedly for many well known brands. In January 2013, with the Yang mi, Angelababy and Cecilia liu joined in to become 'new four small' '. NiNi starring the new film 'bride' against 'on August 20, China. Before NiNi brand invited to France for the fourth time to attend the show high order NiNi arrived in Paris, in Paris during NiNi don't forget the sun glasses show MOE, in this photo, she wears a straw hat and mirror the pilot glasses, is both elegant and fashionable leisure, eating ice cream NiNi very lovely nifty. NiNi France see show, bask in sunglasses and a straw hat show MOE as NiNi wear dust coat boots appeared in the capital airport, surface black, handsome and easy dazzle colour aviator sunglasses with a uniform, NiNi look handsome to explosive NiNi wearing thin frog mirror restoring ancient ways, cowboy coat, pure and fresh and lively temperament is dancing with the wind of a red skirt, a pair of mirror sunglasses adornment face, the goddess of elegant and sexy show incisively and vividly pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Recommend cn similar sunglasses: sunglasses factory S9201 sunglasses our fleet silver frame/green color film the classic handsome frog mirror lenses, polarized lens adopt international standards, not only strengthen the polarization, and the impact resistance is very good, it's clear and comfortable, still can prevent ultraviolet rays and glare. The glasses used high-end metal, with the advantages of vacuum ion plating and electroplating, the quality of its corrosion resistance for seven times of ordinary process, permanent deformation, eyes bright colors do not fade, is a combination of functional, practical, artistic, and is a very good choice.
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