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Sunglasses talent play a hot summer day

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Neutral D word box, conjoined frog mirror & # 8230; … The weather gradually hot, trendy beautiful beautiful beautiful magic sunglasses again become a fashionista, with different styles and colors of dress collocation, whether through the streets, or walk in the countryside on the seashore, can bring about a fashion & # 8220; The storm & # 8221; 。
yesterday, the reporter visited xinghua stores, Oriental plaza, the square of the south China sea and other large glasses stores found that the newly listed the new sunglasses, in order to D word box, frog mirror, sports mirror is popular, such as design and color is multifarious, resembles material also differ in thousands ways, the advantages and disadvantages. The personage inside course of study suggests six tips to identify sunglasses. Popular element

D word box, frog mirror scenery line
enter the hot summer, dazzling sunshine person, don't open your eyes in the temple, on the streets of road area, and men's beauty in the wraparound sunglasses and umbrella, under the cover of the slightest in ultraviolet ray, pick to deduce recreational amorous feelings.
standing beside the street, watch people wear sunglasses, found that although the different colors and styles, but the straight side mirror, broad picture frame or ultra wide curved mirror, etc. , all the scream of popular this year the new - — D word box and the frog mirror is becoming a leading & # 8220; Fashionable pioneer & # 8221; 。 Miss guide in the south China sea square Ming gallery store had told reporters, D word box and the frog mirror is the new style of popular this year, in the introduction of dozens of sunglasses new products, at least more than half is D words framework; Frog mirror style though not much, only a handful of international big brands have this kind of style, but with flat broad jump mirror design, the appearance of serious cold, unruly personality and so on, also become the glasses & # 8220; Family & # 8221; To be bestowed favor on newly.
in addition to the frog mirror, mirror, fashion, has become a mirror sunglasses hot this summer. According to miss guide in the south China sea elegant plaza store had movement because of light weight and the lens is not easy to broke the mirror, so more popular with like sports with people on a field trip.

the inferior sunglasses damage eyes
each large glasses stores are putting more than hundreds of sunglass, reporters around a circle, however, found that almost all of the glasses are not labeled as indicate the material, the shading rate, penetrability, uv protection efficacy and other details of the & # 8220; Id & # 8221; 。
according to the personage inside course of study Chen, is only part of the sunglasses frame, plastic, titanium, alloy, etc. And sunglasses lens according to the material can be divided into the resin lenses, such as Alexander lenses resin lens inside points PC resin lens and ordinary resin lenses, the permeability of different material and different shading sex, hardness and flexibility is different also, the PC lens drop and toughness is very strong, is known as the & # 8220; Cast not bad lens & # 8221; , commonly used in sports sunglasses.
it was reported that even the same kind of material, there are good and bad quality, the high school low-grade division, made of high-quality wood sunglasses, its protective lens, the shading rate and light transmittance is very high, wearing comfort is also higher. Made of inferior material sunglasses not good protective effect, not only because of its shading light transmittance rate and are not ideal, it is likely to cause harm to the eyes.
however due to the many sunglasses are sold in the lack of related text, also does not have such as the & # 8220; 100% ultraviolet prevention & # 8221; , & # 8220; UV400” , & # 8220; Cut off all of the uv & # 8221; , & # 8220; Ultraviolet prevention & # 8221; Such as bright, consumers can only from their own wearing comfort feeling, so it is extremely difficult to judge its quality is accurate.
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