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Sunglasses these few points, which is more suitable for you?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Sunglasses has become almost a deserve to act the role of the hand, it is no longer as special in order to keep out sunshine, now more is used to match. Sunglasses are divided into several, suitable for different people wear respectively, is what kind of? Ms gucci GG3685 / F/S sunglasses gradient black 6 udhd according to the standard of classification, according to the light transmittance of sunglasses, Light transmittance) Divided into three categories: light color sunglasses, sun glasses, and special purpose ( Like skiing, mountain climbing and out to sea, etc. ) Sunglasses, look from the exterior color deepened, in turn to uv filter function also gradually enhanced. To just need to keep out the sun general or sunglasses when adornment, choose light color sunglasses; For in the place where the sun is stronger and people with the above eye disease and need to wear sunglasses to choose sun shades; Career in particular ( Like skiing, mountain climbing and out to sea, etc. ) People would choose the special-purpose sunglasses. What need reminds is, ride a bike or drive a friend, don't choose color too deep lens, lest because identifying traffic signal and accidents. All in all, everyone according to their specific situation and the need to choose sunglasses, patients with eye disease according to the eye doctor's advice to select the best sunglasses, so as to protect the health, and bring a beautiful and comfortable. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3541 men g 003/8 silver/grey piece of sunglasses to choose what color? - it's light brown. — Dark brown lens can filter the blue light, air pollution and foggy wearing effect is good. Grey - — Grey lens is one of the most common, it can balance on the any chromatographic absorption, will only become dark, when you watch the scenery will not have clear off color, can show the real natural feeling, is suitable for most people. Silver - — Silver mercury lens can absorb and reflect more solar radiation, suitable for outdoor sports. Green - — Green lens can increase to reach the eyes green light, make the wearer feel cool and comfortable, suitable for use eye fatigue. Red and blue - — Red and blue glasses to protect his eyes well, red light effect is poor, the blue lenses make blu-ray stimulate the eye, so don't suggest you to choose, but can be used as decoration.
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