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Sunglasses to choose five points for attention

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
A good pair of sunglasses, not only to fully protect your eyes, can let you more star fan. The sunglasses quality that sells on the market, however, the good and bad are intermingled, as a layman when buying sunglasses how we can pick out a pair of cheap sunglasses? Below, glasses sunglasses factory small plait of sunglasses for you choose and buy of five considerations, to have a friend need to buy a sunglasses as a reference. Note 1: when choosing sunglasses, the first thing to observe whether sunglasses as a whole is whether there is a scratch, deformation, the lens surface bubbles, stripes, and impurities, etc. In addition, still need to check the sunglasses should be name, model number, color, quality levels, production factory and the trademark information, making comprehensive quality control. Note 2: for the color of the sunglasses choice, should according to their skin color, face, and dress, and carried out in accordance with the discrepancy occasion or their work. For outdoor people often out in the sun more strong, good wear dark color lenses, good for a man who often burn the midnight oil pick sunglasses with night vision function, can reduce the reflective, glare, etc, to ensure safe travel. Note 3: the shape and color for sunglasses are satisfied with the products, also need to test sunglasses wearing comfort. After wear sunglasses wearing comfort is not only don't dizzy, also need to pay attention to pay attention to wear sunglasses after the harmonious degree of the bridge of the nose and ears, try to choose the light sunglasses, will reduce the pressure of frames of bridge of the nose and ears, increase wearing comfort. Note 4: sunglasses in addition to the sun glare prevention, should also have the function of the uv damage to the eyes. Here, small make up needing those who remind everybody is, has nothing to do with the lens color sunglasses uv protection ability. When choosing sunglasses, you must choose the sunglasses uv400. Only in this way the sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, play the role of protecting our eyes. Note 5: at present, there are some on the market directly show that degree of myopia sunglasses, however, because each person myopic degree, the different parameters such as distance, astigmatism, therefore, the consumer is not under the guidance of professional personage, is good don't choose this kind of prescription sunglasses. If is myopic friends want to wear sunglasses, must go to professional optician for a customized, so to ensure that eye health when worn. Sunglasses to buy entrance: https://www. yichao。 cn/taiyangjing/
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