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Sunglasses to choose not to do try timeless classic black and white color

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
In calling upon you in June, the high temperature in waiting for you, it's time to choose a suitable sunglasses, shade your eyes, wear sunglasses image points for you! But now sunglasses styles on the market so much, so much color, exactly how to choose? First of all, don't have to worry about in terms of color, choose classic black and white color is always not out of date. As payment Ham so pure like black and white ash blogger is not much, but it seemed the 'stickiness' of her representative. Payment on the Ham is not only in the clothing is good at using black and white series, like sunglasses accessories are also supporting the to yo. Is she wearing ray-ban dark sunglasses, ray-ban is sunglasses brand is one of the famous brand of the sunglasses while prices are relatively high, but the quality is good. Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass 001/58 full black sunglasses is a kind of very joker, if feel no idea according to face, try all black box sunglasses. Sunglasses factory YC9702 C3 black/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour blue how to choose the next about sunglasses style, choose in addition to choose their favorite style, more important is for you ~ ( Full article: good sunglasses with face shape is the concave shape artifact) Round face principle: so much more trenchant edges and corners of the glasses as appropriate for circle line is suitable for type: suitable for rectangle or butterfly framework, but the framework to slightly thick, lens color slants cold, color dark glasses have 'tightening' face visual effect. Error: avoid round, light or naive frame square face principle: complementary principle, the face is the party with a soft line to soften edges. Type: line downy picture frame, such as round, oval, can soften your facial lines, weakening the face edges and corners, add facial soft touch. Error: avoid corner square glasses so much, can appear otherwise you face too many lines. Principle: heart-shaped face already a pretty standard of face, for a variety of sunglasses control ability is very strong. Most, however, if you don't want to face are hidden behind sunglasses, or don't choose picture frame is too big or too exaggerated style. Appropriate type: border round round glasses, can try nifty profusion color. Error: not suitable for special design, exaggerated glasses.
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