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Sunglasses to choose to have knowledge

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
With the improvement of people's material and cultural standard, sunglasses and can be used as a fashion or reflect individual style of special accessories, the choice of the sunglasses is very learned, improper selection is also easy to cause damage to the eyes, so the following points should be paid attention to when choosing sunglasses. Recommended reading: how to choose and buy high quality sunglasses? These considerations must understand the sunglasses you choose not to choose any shop called 'international brand original single,' optical products will be defects; And also don't believe in 'serious sunglasses' will have the original list. Less than one hundred RMB of any sunglasses products on taobao, even if it has UV protection effect and polarization effect, strongly suggest not to buy, this kind of product quality can not get any guarantee of taobao. A wupan yuan sunglasses, had better choose PC lens or nylon lenses. Glass lenses comfort and security are far inferior to the PC. If I buy polarized sunglasses, please go to your car, look at the front windscreen of coating or lamination has conflict with polarized sunglasses, if there are conflicts will appear the rainbow color. General advice to choose 'print' or 'dark gray' lens, this kind of lens will only reduce the brightness, but is unlikely to change the eye to identify the color. Sunglasses also have life, generally 1 ~ 2 years is about to change, because the coating will be wear and tear. Using can prolong the service life of love, but as long as there is a negligence, can cause the damage of the coating. Many international brands of sunglasses, is specially designed for caucasians, asians wear may be 'lens cap eyelash' or 'picture frame pressure cheekbones, suggest to store so try experience. At the same time, the light inevitably weakened after wearing sunglasses, if the resolution is not high, if there is no direct sunlight place, Such as tunnel, etc. ) Poor, probably because the line of sight form the safe hidden trouble, and temporary change ordinary glasses also is not convenient, so for the owners, in addition to the definition, the lens color choice is also very important. For the choice of sunglasses, remember nothing more.
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