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Sunglasses to match the face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Face is born, unless cosmetic, it is difficult to change. But if you are satisfied with their own face is not necessarily, you don't choose a pair of good glasses, with their own style, temperament, tie-in harmony glasses to mediocrity in the face a magical effect. Round face round face: smectic frames of dark lenses round face not suitable for wearing circular or corners of the sun glasses. Circular frame, circular earrings or comb your hair back, all will emphasize chubby face type, aesthetic feeling of lack of phase contrast. Therefore, should choose four broad picture frame, and should avoid circular, light or naive. Appropriate hairstyle can make a round face looks has the feeling of ellipse, can send the hair in the boundary and comb bang, at the same time, also can cover the hair on the cheeks to cover the circular of the jaw line. Bead earrings, and round collar clothing all round bead chain and circular face not line, the choice of beautiful is long necklace or V collar. Heart-shaped face heart-shaped face: polygonal frame light color lenses such surface usually have wide forehead and chin, sun glasses is too big or too thick line will make the facial contour appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line, so should avoid wearing up the cock picture frame on both sides, because it will only emphasize the pointed chin. Heart-shaped face appropriate to wear light and polygon sun glasses, and face contour match line to each other. Square face Angelina jolie is the typical personality square face square face give a person the sense with hale and hearty, should avoid to choose box sun glasses, and great circle box, can make the outline appears relatively smooth. Square the circle of face have to wear sunglasses, frame to coarse, can behave hao long lines, and narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, cooperate with aspects of type, will be especially low phase contrast. If in addition to the sun glasses, square face with high bun hairstyles, slender look and feel, and if the hair under the cover face and cheek, can make the square jaw line and appear more narrow on the vision. In addition, wearing circular or dangling earrings, also can make attention to cheek, square face appears slender. Elliptical face elliptical face suitable wear broad sun glasses box type, make facial look wide, the length of the shorter face feeling. Edge metal frame or frameless sunglasses, are unfavorable to wear. Comb bang hair, can shorten the length of the surface on the vision, more can make the forehead appear relatively wide. V-neck clothing, long, dangling earrings, and long neck chain, will only further growth face shape, but short beads, round collar clothing and the right type of sunglasses, but make long narrow ellipsoid model look rounder, add beauty. Del should be chosen with thicker frame, lateral width slightly darker, wide glasses to adjust the proportion of up and down, give a person the sense of coordination on the vision. Peach face suited to choose lens color shallow, a thin metal frame or rimless glasses, to face the weight of the above, lest make the upper half of the already wide face more outspread feeling. Small face wear thin framework or choose quietly elegant his rimless glasses lens color such as blue, purple, light coffee color, will have unexpected effect.
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