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Sunglasses to pick the trick

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
After summer, the weather, while mostly cloudy, but the weather was let us feel the power of the summer sun. Reporter recently in nanyang home store had to see more, more and more people to choose and buy sunglasses. Eye care expert warns a citizen, according to their own need to choose the sunglasses.
recently, the reporter visited the market found that the city's big store had already new sunglasses in the prominent position. These sunglasses color, shape, different, the price also vary widely. Boutiques sunglasses price a bit cheap, low 15 yuan, hundreds of yuan, expensive and professional glasses sunglasses store ranging from 100 yuan to thousands of yuan. According to treasure to see store had eye care professional Margaret mih tillman, sunglasses price with lens material, craft, uv protection factor has a lot to do, want to undertake choosing according to their own needs.
Margaret mih tillman said, if only is tie-in dress, can choose the style suitable for light color mirrors. If you need uv protection, be about to choose shading mirror. When the choose and buy should pay attention to observe the uv logo on the glasses, sunglasses lenses or packaging will be printed with the & # 8220; 100% uv protection & # 8221; , & # 8220; UV400” Such as signs, to UV380 ~ UV400.
the lens material is also very important. First of all, the lens should level off, the higher resolution. Margaret mih tillman provides an identification method of lens quality: pick up the glasses with your hands, and let the frame facing you, eye lens distance about 40 centimeters, the line of sight through the lens on the frame or a vertical line, move the glasses, if the line of sight through the door frame or a vertical line, a straight no overlap, distortion phenomenon, and the lens surface is bright and clean, illustrate the lens quality. If there is a wave, distortions, prove that the lens is not smooth, this lens can damage eyesight. Second, plastic lenses, although cheap, but is not good for eyesight. With PC, UC, AC lens is good material. Margaret mih tillman warns a citizen, a lot of people think that the deeper the color lens uv ability stronger, this is actually a misunderstanding. The color of the lenses should be dark brown, gray, to be beautiful, these color can absorb ultraviolet light. The effect of dark brown and black. Margaret mih tillman advice often drive people choose polarizer, ride a motorcycle, because polarizer softer, higher resolution, is advantageous to the sun on the road.
Margaret mih tillman also warns a citizen, sunglasses, although has the effect of sunscreen and decoration, however, to the health of the eyes, try not to wear for a long time, more is not necessary to wear in indoor and cloudy day. In addition, children's visual system development is not perfect, should not be wearing sunglasses.
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