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Sunglasses uniform wind lead fashion trends

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
As the military parade boom, once again set off the military uniform agitation, sunglasses and as fashionable tide female street snap artifact, so nearly sunglasses uniform wind is leading the fashion trend! In this is both a parade season and the season begins in September, to see how the star icon teach you fired the first gun a choice ~ ~ like Gwen - Stephanie ( Gwen Stefani) The army green conjoined pants with a pair of cat's eye sunglasses, not only show the handsome tsundere one side, also shows the feminine side. T- Xiao min ara members a uniform appearance at the airport, big box sunglasses and stunning red lip particularly eye-catching. Square sunglasses and anti wear baseball caps let xiao min especially handsome show big! Diane Kruger ( 黛安娜。 Kruger) Uniform wind coat inside take big jacquard white T-shirt, cool ~ dark brown sunglasses and integral collocation is very harmonious, not only leisure and fashion, also added free and easy individuality, and seems to be fashion icon is hale uniform complex! Uniform coat collocation of ripped jeans, match again a small box of round sunglasses especially delicate and gorgeous, the recreational outfit wind is special ~ ~ recommended in fashion sunglasses: anta sunglasses AT8010C1 European and American wind tide big black box polarized sunglasses domestic high-quality PC frame relaxed and comfortable, ms TAC polarized lens quality special good impact resistance; Lightsome and elegant British wind makes the large type of sunglasses in all show fashionable rocks at the same time is also very good interpretation of retro nostalgia element; Its leg in weird color restoring ancient ways reflects the intriguing charm; Pile head do manual work is delicate, embedded screws, solid and reliable, wearing more comfortable.
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