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Sunglasses will be out of date?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
The service life of sunglasses will have to use? Will be out of date? Estimates that a lot of friends will be very surprised, for the first time I heard. How long can a pair of sunglasses to wear? Many people think that as long as the sunglasses is not bad, can not change for many years and in fact this idea is wrong. Sunglasses lens material over time aging and improper wearing habits will bring damage to sunglasses. For a long time to wear the damaged sunglasses, can bring harm to eyesight. Sunglasses factory 9001 golden sunglasses 'overdue' sunglasses not correct to wear protective function degradation and receive a habit, will damage the lenses, causing deformation of frame. A spoil the slope body and legs 0 ° glasses, if its a new match lens barrel leg inclination for 10 °, pitch even degree and light are the same as the original mirror, after wearing vision may also appear giddy, the symptom such as upper-and-lower localization is not accurate. As a result of the position of the glasses legs, mostly connected to the spectacle frame circle the top half of the mirror, and due to the gravity of the glasses itself, so wear down to the bottom of the glass lens optical center position is in commonly the pupil. Different gradient glasses legs, due to the lens the incident Angle of the light changes, thus depending on the cause of position deviation. In this case, the solution is to adjust its leg tilt, close to that of the original mirror. 'Overdue' wear lenses with the development of optical technology, more and more high quality, more conducive to our eyes sunglasses developed continuously, so 1 - 2 years need to replace the sunglasses. Most glasses wearer, ignore the glasses cleaning and preservation methods, to the lens wear and tear, at this time have to be replaced in advance, otherwise it will reduce the lens light transmittance, vision loss caused by users. Wear glasses is extremely easy to appear the phenomenon such as dispersion, wearing the sunglasses can make the person's eye fatigue, eye injuries. Especially the unqualified sunglasses not only can't block ultraviolet light into, and due to the light transmittance of the colored lenses serious decline, after wearing eyes as in a dark room, it will make the pupil larger, at the same time, without blocking ultraviolet light into the eye, make the eye damage, long wear causes the sunlight keratitis, corneal endothelial injury, fundus diseases such as macular degeneration. For the use of sunglasses, one is buying sunglasses choose regular professional optician, regular maintenance for glasses; The second is, sunglasses May 1 Replaced every 2 years.
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