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Sunglasses with belt pull breeze new tricks

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Have you found out at ordinary times wear sunglasses while western style index increased a lot, but not that amazing feeling, because in the summer, after all, everyone is so tie-in ~ so this time how to do to make you in the crowd to take off the lead out of it? Might as well try again tie-in a belt, whether it is a skirt or trousers, can let you more popular oh ~ pants with the continuing evolution of fashion belt is no longer just have the effect of prevent pants down, but also enhance the temperament of fashion sheet is tasted. Now belt model, waist wide sealing, waist chain, rope, leather, nylon material and so on, you can choose different interesting waist for pants adorn, can let the waist line is obvious, and the effect of the modified shape. Dress with belt on the dress is easy to think of is to restore ancient ways collocation method in the 80 s, but now the wind restoring ancient ways is popular, many girls are willing to try, if you want the belt to match a more modern can also, will move up to 10 cm tall waist belt place is good, no problem can not only show waist line, more able to stretch the lower half, let you show high wear long skirt can show thin. The color of the sunglasses and belt photograph echo, in this way can visually a feeling of harmony. Trend of tortoiseshell glasses is good choice, either on black belt, also can match belt restoring ancient ways, and in and dress collocation also won't appear abrupt. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 710/73 tortoise ray-ban RB4257 - F 6092/55 / ms sunglasses hawksbill/dazzle colour blue piece
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