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Sunglasses with face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Round face features: people do not have obvious cheekbones and chin contour, face is shorter. Advice: round face not suitable for not suitable for wearing square, circle, lightsome, naive, corner of the sun glasses. It will strengthen the chubby face type, and the beauty of the lack of phase contrast. Bright yellow, red lens or frame line is fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big. Collocation: should choose the framework is a bit thick, the lens color slants cold, dark glasses, such as black or tortoise shell color, has a 'tightening' face visual effect. Good match with a slight curve to temper whole slender frame. Angular and square frame, is conducive to modify facial lines, highlight the ordinate. So that we can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, make the face appear outline obvious, more spirit. But the width is not wide wide part of the on the face, too exaggeration can make the face appear too large or too short and funny. Also can choose fangyuan, combination of glasses. Long face features: the word face, due to long face easy to give a person the sense of serious. Suggestion: rectangular face is not suitable for small or prolate square frames, prolate model can make the face look longer, too heavy black or brown lenses a lot focus imbalance, improper proportion of up and down. Collocation: in order to alleviate the long and narrow sense, framework should cover your face as much as possible, select the coarse box wide-brimmed, big square glasses frame, to reduce the face impression. Or choose slightly curve framework can make up for the shortage of rectangular face, lovely round glasses, for example, both fashionable and can make facial shape is to adjust, the formation of strong horizontal lines, to shorten the length of the face, on the vision has become moderate length. Color with deep and single color as appropriate. In addition, the wide mirror legs can on long vertical cutting face length on the vision. Diamond face features: high cheekbones and prominent, half of the relatively wide flat on her face, the second part of uniform smooth lines. Eye level parts and chin is narrow, it is a rare face. Suggestion: not suitable for founder's frame, make the person looks dull. Collocation: in order to highlight the eye, can try without frame glasses, or use the oval and cat form glass frame, can set off the face of beauty. Nabla face features: wide on the narrow face. Advice: avoid small small frame, make facial fluctuation ratio is not harmonious. Collocation: nabla face for lens shape, there is no special requirement, good choice for coarse wide frames, because this kind of face wide men usually zygomatic place, big lens can effectively narrow width of this part of the face, coordinate face up and down the scale, under the pull of the line of sight of people to the lens to show the pointed chin. Choose color highlight or color too shallow fine picture frame glasses, or choose to emphasize its leg design of sunglasses, can balance the face on one by narrow issue. Match sunglasses will be particularly prone to give prize.
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