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Sunglasses with myopic lens?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
In the hot sun, wearing sunglasses is a good way to eyes prevent bask in. It can prevent sun damage to the eyes, but also as a kind of adornment, kill two birds with one stone of it. But because the sunglasses are mostly flat lens, the eye myopia or hyperopia, to selecting a pair of good sunglasses,, it is not so simple. Sunglasses myopic lens, then, how to match? 1, using color glasses. Will this color glass lens with the strength of the light changes color depth, the place with strong light lens color is darker, the place with weak light lens color becomes shallow. Advantage is solved with nearsightedness or farsightedness prescription sunglasses are not suitable for indoor wear faults, a pair of glasses can be both of inside and outside, is very convenient. The disadvantage is that the lens price is expensive and less choice. 2, is a pair of prescription sunglasses. Now, some brand sunglasses will have nearsightedness or farsightedness degree, matching the sunglasses to change when you outside. Advantage is a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen and the function of vision correction. Defect is usually go out to bring two pairs of glasses, more troublesome. 3, use sunglasses clamping piece or set of mirrors. It is relatively simple, traditional methods about the sunglasses by clamping or by magnet adsorption method, in the original frame glasses with a pair of flat sunglasses outside. The advantage is cheap, loading and unloading, and easy to use. The disadvantage is that additional lenses to choose less style, color, beautiful sex, easy to fall off. Is the main drawback of increasing the weight of the glasses, can oppress the bridge of the nose and cheek, easy to cause sunglasses syndrome, characterized by eyes or between two cheek symptoms such as numbness, perception dull skin. You have nasal discomfort feeling breathing, as had a cold; Some will also feel the bugs to climb on the face, eyes acid bilges, etc. 4, contact lenses + sunglasses. For normal wear contact lenses, wearing contact lenses after first, then choose your favorite flat sunglasses, it is also a good choice. Advantage is the freedom to choose is much higher. Defect is need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses, with keratitis, trachoma and other eye diseases cannot choose this method. Above methods can according to their own needs to choose a kind of, only is oneself to like, suits own is good.
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